macbar/delicatessen, nolita

Delicatessen_Mac Classic_Photo Credit Delicatessen

For mac connoisseurs like myself, the fact that New York offers multiple establishments that just serve my favorite dish is reason enough to never leave the City. My two favorite mac-specific restaurants are S’mac and Macbar, although there are a few new joints that I need to sample.

The above bubbling skillet comes from Delicatessen, which is next door to Macbar and owned by the same team. All of the macs (and they are legion!) that are served at Delicatessen come from the petite, noodle-shaped Macbar shop, so I thought I’d combine both of these spots into one post. One note: when you order it at Macbar, they come in this sweet (also) noodle-shaped vessel:

Macbar_The Classic_Frances Janisch

As you can tell from the above picture, this is a super cheesy situation. The mac pictured here is The Classic, which is made with elbow macaroni, Cheddar and American cheeses. I’m not sure if they use a bechamel base, but my guess is they might because the sauce is fairly thick. The duo of cheeses means you get a solid crust on top from the Cheddar, but it’s still pretty gooey due to the American. While this certainly isn’t as light (well, as light as macaroni and cheese can be) as the version from Birds and Bubbles, I can snarf this down faster than Hometown Bar-B-Que’s. For only having two relatively-mild cheeses, the flavor in this is quite strong.

I love Macbar mac and cheese so much that it was actually the last thing I ate before I went on my wedding diet. And while the Classic is a damn fine basic mac, my favorite might be the Mac Quack, which is made with duck confit, fontina and caramelized onions. Are you drooling yet?

Macbar, 54 Prince St., 212.226.0211

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