lincoln square steak, upper west side


Last night, we sampled the mac from brand new steakhouse, Lincoln Square Steak. You may have heard of the restaurant because Danny Meyer is apparently not very happy with them. But such legal matters do not concern such a blog. Such a blog is only concerned with two things: cheese and pasta.

Lincoln Square offers two macs: truffled and lobster. In recent years, I have to admit I’ve become more of a purist, so we skipped the lobster in favor of the (relatively) more simple truffle version. Our waiter told us it was a mix of cheddar, gruyere and truffle oil. And, as you can see from the photo, they use they always-solid elbow macaroni.

Side note: When it comes to truffle macs, I always ask now if they use oil versus salt; I’m curious how the flavors stack up to one another. Many people tell me that truffle oil is maybe not the best for you, but I won’t lie, I still love the taste. And it goes without saying that I don’t ask this question if I can see actual truffles on top.

So how was it? A very solid steakhouse iteration of mac and cheese. What does that mean? It’s very simple in terms of the cheese blend, but the flavor was strong and the top was covered by a nice canopy of cheddar. This sort of mac is not meant to be ordered as your main course, but rather as a complement to your massive steak (which Mike seemed to enjoy very much). Is this destination mac? No, but I would definitely order a side any time I’m here.

Lincoln Square Steak, 208 West 70th St., 212.875.8600

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