tuome, east village

Tuome mac

Sometimes, you may be craving a wacky mac (should I trademark that?). Tuome, one of my favorite new spots to have opened downtown, can satisfy that itch for you. I present: crab curry macaroni and cheese.

Say, what?!

This is listed under appetizers (and, eek, appears to be off the menu for now), but the ample portion could easily satisfy as a main course. It’s made of shell pasta — always a good bet because of its sauce-holding properties — plus blue crab, a bechamel-curry sauce and a hearty sprinkling of breadcrumbs and chives on top. For those of you who love khao soi, I heartily recommend this dish.

Does it taste cheesy? Not really, but it’s creamy and warm and oddly satisfying with the large hunks of crab meat. And worth the trip to try the rest of the menu, to wit: chicken liver mousse and milk bread.

Tuome, 536 E. 5th St. 646-833-7811

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