treehaus, midtown east

Tree Haus mac

One benefit of moving offices to Midtown is gobs of new lunch options to explore. A new favorite is certainly Treehaus, which has the fanciest hot-food buffet you’ll ever see, not to mention one of the most impressive sandwich selections in the city.

While they don’t have their mac and cheese every day, it does appear to be one of their more popular entrees. This is classic caf-mac (for more on that, see my Birdbath Bakery writeup here), so the noodles are soft, the sauce is mild and it’s generally better when you can nab a piece from a fresh tray.

I can’t say this is my favorite: it’s too mild for my liking and I like my noodles al dente. But! Treehaus is absolutely worth a stop for lunch the next time you find yourself in the food vortex that can be Midtown.

Treehaus, 830 3rd Ave, 212.355.9855

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