almond, flatiron

photo via almond's instagram

photo via almond’s instagram

You guys! Exciting news! We have a new member of the highly-elite destination mac club. Everyone, meet Almond‘s macaroni and cheese.

This mac fires on all cylinders for me: its sauce is very rich and creamy without being one-note, the pasta is not too soft, and, as an added bonus, it has truffles and prosciutto. Generally I like my mac virgin, if you will, but the truffles and salty bite of the prosciutto really worked well for this dish and made it way more multi-dimensional. I also enjoy any mac that takes a spin under the broiler (especially when it’s in an adorable ceramic ramekin), there’s nothing like digging into that crust.

If I have one criticism, it’s that I don’t love penne as a mac shape. Plenty of my favorite spots use it, but I find that the standard elbow makes for a much better pasta-to-sauce ratio.

Regardless, this place is absolutely worth a trip. And the portion is big enough that, if you’re not almost six months pregnant (hiyo), you can definitely share.

Almond, 12 East 22nd St., 212.228.7557

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